A New Direction

Please note the following addition to my About page:

To my brothers and sisters in Christ,

I am grateful that the Lord has used my somewhat feeble efforts to offer you encouragement as you walk down the path that the Lord has set before you. I hope that He has guided my hand in such a way as to bring a needed word or thought to your mind when needed.

We are, without doubt, instructed by God to encourage our fellow travelers. And this is aptly so, as life without the encouragement of others would seem to be unbearable.

It is with this reality in mind that I intend to continue to strive to bring encouragement to the readers of these pages.  However, this update to my About page is necessary as I am embarking on a journey that will involve enlarging the scope of this blog.

Following a nearly year long season of searching for answers in response to God’s prompting, I believe that I am now able to present some of what I’ve learned over this time.

It is my hope and intent to bring to light areas within the North American Christian experience which I believe God is calling out for reform.

I ask for your prayers as I begin this voyage. Please pray that I would exercise faithfulness to God and to God’s Word. Please pray that I would be able to express my understanding of scripture with clarity. And please pray that God would use my ongoing efforts to bring about greater enlightenment of His plan and purpose in this world.

I thank each one of you for the blessing that you have been to me over these past several years. May God richly bless you, your loved ones, and those with whom you gather in His name. And as a way of previewing where this is all leading, I pray that God would use you to bless your unsaved neighbors and fellow citizens in whatever country you may reside in.

In and through the love of our Saviour,