Doubt, Removed

I will not complicate matters by going into a long and tedious discussion. And given the fact that my new understanding is a departure from historic church tradition and “orthodoxy” (Roman Catholic, Protestant, Baptist, and Charismatic), I want to assure you that I have only a disinterested desire to convince others of my position. But for those (and they will be many, probably most and maybe even all) who do not see truth in this matter, I do not assign any degraded status as either a believer or as my brothers and sisters in Christ. I would only encourage all of you to seek the truth.

So what is it?

Simply put, I have become convinced that the full preterist doctrine of the “end times” most closely and clearly aligns with scripture. Over the past several months, I have had many questions about this view answered and will admit that there are some that I am still seeking answers for. But I will testify that there has been a veritable cascade of answers to issues and questions that have bothered me for a long time. Having received clarity and understanding on these issues is something I can only describe as amazing.

My first objective is to make clear that I still hold to those critical and fundamental elements of salvation by faith through grace. To accomplish that objective I will offer you a sermon by a full preterist pastor who serves Berean Bible Church in the tidewater areas of Virginia.

There is actually very little preterist theology in this sermon. I think that it is appropriate the start a conversation on a topic that challenges orthodoxy on what, for most readers, is common ground.

My prayer is that no matter your current or future eschatological beliefs, you will be blessed by my work in this area.

With that said, here is David B. Curtis teaching on 1 John 5:13.